Company introduction企业介绍

Mayora group was established in 1977 with its headquarter located in Jakata, Indonesia. Now it has more than 40,000 employees globally. Over the decades, MAYORA Group has grown to become one of the recognized names in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods Industry. The ability to identify market needs and the commitment to produce quality products have made MAYORA Group currently have well-known brands in the world, such as Kopiko, Danisa, Astick, Calcheese, Crispy-Joy and many more.



MAYORA Group became a public listed company in 1990, by listing its share on Jakarta Stock Exchange, and throughout the following years, MAYORA Group continues its rapid expansion to become an ASEAN based Company, by establishing production facilities and marketing offices in several Asia and Africa countries. Currently, MAYORA Group products are sold in many countries around the world.



Mayora food (Shandong) Co., LTD. is located in jibei economic development zone in shandong province, which is a subsidiary of Mayora Group. Company registered capital of $30 million, The main products are biscuits, cookies, wafer, confectionery, chocolate, coffee drinks and tea beverages. It is the first factory invested in the mainland China.


As a part of Mayora Group, Mayora Food (Shandong) is currently searching for:  Management Trainee



Program introduction 管培生项目简介

The Management Trainee program is a comprehensive program designed to equip the participant with the training and experience they need to become Mayora future leaders.

The program is based on the identification of knowledge and skills needed for Mayora leader. It gives participants opportunities to gain practical management experience and learn valuable skills throughtheoretical In-class training, On The Job Training Field Experience Study and a Close-Mentorship System.



Program Objectives管培生发展方向

Ø To enhance the skills and competencies of the Individual Trainee who, for the first time has the responsibility to manage other people. 提升初任管理岗位的培训生的技能和能力

Ø Develop leadership and management skills, complemented by some basic functional skills. 培养培训生的领导和管理技能,并辅以一些基本的实用技能

Ø To develop leaders in Factory's Supervisory level and to prepare managerial talent pool for mid-term process在工厂的督导下培养领导者,为工厂扩展储备管理人才



Ø Age: maximum 25 years old 年龄不超过25周岁

Ø Education: graduates of 2018-2020 with bachelor degree or above 2018-2020年本科及以上学历毕业生

Ø Major: Chemical Engineering, Food and Industrial Engineering, Biology, Marketing, Language, Business, Trading, IE, Accounting, Logistics, Finance, Mechanical manufacturing and automation


Ø English: CET4 or above 大学英语四级或以上

Ø GPA 3.0 and above  GPA不低于3.0

Ø Willing to follow Training Program in Shandong and Jakarta-Indonesia provided by Mayora Company for 9 months 有意愿参加在中国山东工厂和印尼总部为期9个月的培训

Ø Willing to be placed in Jinan有意愿在济南工作


Facilities for Trainees during Training Program in Jakarta-Indonesia印尼培训期间享受以下待遇:

Ø Dormitory / Apartment - Full Furnished设施齐全的住宿条件

Ø Transportation facilities - Plant to Dormitory in Jakarta-Indonesia从宿舍至工厂的免费通勤班车

Ø Cost of Living Allowance (in Jakarta-Indonesia) and the monthly Salary that will be paid in China (RMB currency) 印尼提供生活津贴,中国工厂工资

Ø Catering facilities in plant canteen 工厂工作餐

Ø Medical insurance coverage海外医疗保险 


How to join us 应聘方式

Please send your CV and application to 有意者请将投递个人简历至以下邮箱(邮件主题:姓名+学校+专业+学历

recruitment@mayora-sd.com   moyashuai@mayora-sd.com


Contact us联系方式

    Tel: +86 (531)81175872 ext. 8008 or 8002      186****8658                          Web: www.mayora.com 

Add地址: NO.1. Mai Da, Str, Jiyang County, Jinan City, Shandong Province, China