Job Description
CGG is looking for new graduates to join us as an Imaging Geophysicist.
The role of the Imaging Geophysicist is to take charge of seismic processing, using Mathematical and Physics knowledge such as Mathematical Inversion Algorithm, Computational Mathematic/Physics, Wave Equation, Signal Processing, Physics Modelling etc in providing seismic imaging solutions to our customers. The Imaging Geophysicist works closely with Imaging Project Leader in ensuring the delivery of high quality seismic images of the Earth’s subsurface.
 Enthusiastic individuals with a Master degree or higher in Geophysics, Mathematics, Physics, and Engineering.
 Strong problem solving abilities, great attention to details and effective communication skills in English.
 A team player; with good time management and ability to organize and prioritize workload.
 Adaptability, open mindedness, curiosity and innovative spirit are key success factors in this role.
 CGG fosters a rich and dynamic learning environment and therefore on joining, you will be place in an ongoing training program where you work within a variety of project teams, developing your global understanding of processing projects

Job Description
Your primary responsibility will be to develop new, innovative solutions to industry-plaguing problems. You will work closely with Software Engineers to develop accurate software solutions for imaging the subsurface. You may work independently or as part of a team, but always in collaboration with Geophysicists, remaining in-tune with production demands and industry trends. You may be asked to present your work and results internally and externally, as well as support operations in the deployment and improvement of new imaging techniques.
 PhD in Geophysics, Electrical Engineering, Applied Mathematics or Physics
 Capable of abstracting geophysical concepts with mathematical languages
 Excellent coding skills with FORTRAN and/or C/C++
 Knowledge of high performance computation is preferred (MPI, multi-threading, GPU, etc.)
 Knowledge of geophysics and seismic imaging preferred, but not essential
 Experience with cross-platform development preferred, but not essential